Jan. 7 “Bad Liver Good Liver”

I’m still running behind but I did write this yesterday.  I didn’t get around to recording it until this morning.  It took about an hour to record which  is still a little longer than I would like to take but my drums are getting a lot better already.

I’ve played and recorded drums five times this week which is five times more than I played them all last year.  This blog is definitely going to get my off instruments more tight.

“Good Liver” comes from something I misread on a medical flyer while recycling the other day.  It turned into a funny song with a tragic message about that friend of yours who loves to party.

I finally broke out the distortion pedal on this one.


2 thoughts on “Jan. 7 “Bad Liver Good Liver””

  1. I gotta say you are amazing. You are inspiring me to record and write more. However that Michelle Leigh gig is seeming to be starting back up again, yea! and I will have to play a bunch of covers again. It really keeps me sharp though so it is good practice for me. I am going to make a doable goal of me writing and recording one song a week. I haven’t written a complete song for an embarasing amount of time so I must get off my butt

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