Feb 18 “Time I Handle Snakes”

The recycling week is finally over for me which is just in time because I’ve been dealing with some shoulder, finger and back issues which doesn’t mix well with the hard labor.  Luckily it’s usually my hand that holds the pick that hurts and not my fretting hand.

I’ll admit it’s been a little harder to be creative this week.   I think (and hope) it’s mainly due to fatigue.  That’s why I’ve started hitting the treadmill again to get in shape for my work week on my days off.   We’ll see if my new in shape body will write better songs next week.   Quite frankly, I haven’t liked any of the one’s I’ve done for this blog this week.  Oh well, it’s still good practice I guess.

“Time To Handle Snakes” is just a silly bluesy jam about my the possible snake handling in my future.  Personally I’m not a big snake fan, I see a lot of them playing golf and it’s never pleasant.


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