April 15th “Love Taco Supreme”

I’m gradually working on this site as I get a little more free time.    Being able to listen to the songs here is much better.   Anyway, it’s been nice to be at home, not traveling and being productive.   I had a really good time writing and recording this one today.

This is one that just kind of flowed out.   The punch line is “Love reigns supreme,  It’s just that humans don’t believe it yet”

Thanks for listening!!



One thought on “April 15th “Love Taco Supreme””

  1. Great song Chris,”Love Taco Supreme”
    I Love your music man!
    I’m sure you don’t need any help with lyrics 🙂

    Strange Karma,
    The poem you commented on,”Lynn Valley”(true story)
    There is a beautiful park just a few miles away,
    Cates Park to be exact,aint that something.

    Peace to you,


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