August 8th “Make Your Own Luck”

Well I’m back from vacation only to leave again for three days to represent on the North Carolina Media team as we take on Tennessee’s Media Team in the Battle of the Smokies golf tournament and media extravaganza.  It’s a three day Ryder Cup style competition with twelve men and women from each State sweating over putts.   This year it is hosted by Mt. Mitchell Golf Club, a course I’m definitely looking forward to playing for a few days.  Craig Distl put it all together and there will be some writers there that I respect more than just about anybody.   I’m sure I’ll have lots of new subjects to write about!


3 thoughts on “August 8th “Make Your Own Luck””

  1. Hey. I like your stuff on here! I’m trying to do the same thing on my blog, but I’m only 8 days in, 365 seems such a big number at the moment! How many days do you have left now? Have you got any advice or tips for a newbie like me? Keep up the good work

    1. What’s up. Congratulations on your endeavor. I’m around 220 at the moment. I started on Jan. 1st. I guess my advice would be to get ready to sacrifice a lot of time and things that you might normally get to do. I work an hour away every day, so I’ve really had to learn to get by on five hours sleep. Making a commitment to play drums, bass, guitars and keys on 85% of the songs also adds up the recording time. If I would keep it a little more simple a little more often it would be easier, but I love to produce almost more than I like to write. blah blah. I ramble. Anyway, good luck, I’ll be keeping up with you! Happy rocking!

      1. I think simple is definitely the angle I’m going for. I only play the guitar, and quite badly! The amount of work you’re putting in each day is really impressive, and 220 days is phenomenal! Thanks for the advice. If you wanted to check out how I’m doing after a measly 17 days, it’s here:

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