September 29th “Living Well is the Best Revenge”

What a day.  Rainy day on the recycling route.  Got home from my twelve hour work day / commute to a phone call that I was supposed to be at Mt. Mitchell playing a show with the whole band tonight.  Undoubtedly we had made a major scheduling error.   Anyway, I managed to get a shower and get in the car and speed up there to start with my patented ‘funny golf songs’ before the boys showed up to complete the jam.  Now I’m back home finishing today’s song late and needing to go to sleep because I’m live on “Charlotte Today” WCNC TV in nine hours.   Oh yeah, I just realized I haven’t learned the song I’m playing yet.  Is it possible to play “White Anglo Saxon Protestant” on acoustic guitar?   We’ll see.  Thanks for listening!


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