Waiting on Providence. December 5th

I’ve been listening to a lot of biographies of early American presidents and they always seem to be talking about providence.  ‘Providence’ is one of those words that can have so many meanings.  I tend to look at it as meaning good fortune.  Back in the Revolution however, it had a deadly meaning of victory or destruction.   Anyway, I haven’t done a spiritual type song lately.   I guess it was providence that I would again.


2 thoughts on “Waiting on Providence. December 5th”

  1. Been catching up on your 2010 tunes and this one jumped out at me. It made me remember my favorite book of the Bible; the book of Esther. The book reads like a story and is about a young orphaned jewish girl who ends up being the Queen of Persia and later helps save her people from annihilation. It is referred to as “The Book of Providence” because it is only one of two books in the Bible that no mention of Christ, or God is included, yet his handywork persay is seen throughout. To me thats providence. Someone or something planning and orchestrating on our behalf much bigger things then we could envision. Your life change is just providence. Congrats on your awesome year. Plem-Plum

    1. That was very informative Plem-Plum. Thanks for sharing. I first started thinking about the word providence when reading George Washington and Samuel Adams biographies. That was a big word used in shaping the nation. I like your story better though.

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