Life Metaphor. December 7th

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in a major life change at the moment.  It’s been interesting how it has been messing with my emotions.  Our bodies have lots of defense mechanisms to keep us in our comfort zones.   As soon as we start to stray away, we start setting all kinds of traps for ourselves.  The key is learning how to navigate around those traps.   That’s what I’m doing today.


3 thoughts on “Life Metaphor. December 7th”

  1. ive been dealing with long term physical pain from a fractured back as well as long term, super evil, creeping up on you- major case depression. this year alone ive lost my life long profession, had my motorcycle stolen, had to take legal action to keep my daughters safeand sound, spent just shy of a moth on a locked mental ward,and not least of all had to come to the realization i will morew than likelyloose my familial situation andthe love of my life. my defense? it used to be drinking and drugs,as you know. now however since ive been DOBER for such along time ( 1&1/2 yrs) ive got a new thing: EATINGG!!!!
    today i go to the doc to get on somthing to help w/ weight control.see, because of the bac pain i cant exercise enough to make adifference.
    so your post really realy does hit home with me.
    and as for your troubles and travails i sincerely hope all works out as you hope!!! ill be praying for you (not that mine count,lol).
    so, ok. peace brother, s.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I hate to hear about your pain. I know back pain is the worst, that’s why I had to quit the recycling biz and get a non-labor job. Good luck with everything, hit me up if you need some support.

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