Carolina Trees (song of the day)

It feels like fall outside this morning in Atlanta.  I can’t believe it after the heat we’ve been having.  Although I’m sure by one or two it will be in the mid 90’s again.   But for now, I can breath in and think of fall.

That’s why I decided to post “Carolina Trees”.   To me, since I wrote the original version of this song when I was 17, it has been the ultimate portrait of sitting on top of Table Rock and looking out at the changing leaves below.   This version is from my Carolina Songs album brings the country heat.  Especially once the solos kick in about half way through, then there’s an extended jam at the end with me playing harmonica and guitar harmonies on top of each other.

I may live in Georgia, but my (tree) roots will always be in the NC mountains.

Listen to the whole album here!

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