GRINGO ROCK! “The Best Offense is a Bad Defense”

Since I’m snowed in in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, I may as well debut my new 20 song Heavy Metal album a week early!!  I put it together over the Christmas break and am excited to break into a new genre.  I say “heavy metal” but it’s really my version of that term,  meaning lots of funny songs and things get a little funky from time to time.

I’m playing all of the instruments, mostly in one take, which is my excuse for the sloppiness on occasion.  “The Best Offense is a Bad Defense” is the first song on the album and sets the tone for the rocking 20 song onslaught that continues thereafter virtually without a break.

The album is available at my Chris Cates CDBaby Artist Page for now and songs are up on iTunes but the complete album is not up yet.  It will all be on iTunes, spotify, rhapsody etc. very soon.

Let me know what you think!


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