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Blues songs written by Chris Cates for 365 Songs for 2010.

Feb 18 “Time I Handle Snakes”

The recycling week is finally over for me which is just in time because I’ve been dealing with some shoulder, finger and back issues which doesn’t mix well with the hard labor.  Luckily it’s usually my hand that holds the pick that hurts and not my fretting hand.

I’ll admit it’s been a little harder to be creative this week.   I think (and hope) it’s mainly due to fatigue.  That’s why I’ve started hitting the treadmill again to get in shape for my work week on my days off.   We’ll see if my new in shape body will write better songs next week.   Quite frankly, I haven’t liked any of the one’s I’ve done for this blog this week.  Oh well, it’s still good practice I guess.

“Time To Handle Snakes” is just a silly bluesy jam about my the possible snake handling in my future.  Personally I’m not a big snake fan, I see a lot of them playing golf and it’s never pleasant.


Feb 13 “Sooner or Later”

Snowed in again today.   The snow this year has been massive.   I hate it for all my friends in the golf industry.

Reem’s Creek, the course I play a lot has been closed for months.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with today’s song.  I actually wrote music for four songs, playing the drum parts and everything but this is the one I ended up putting words to.

“Sooner or Later” ended up being an old soul sounding song about getting someone who’s had their heart-broken, back out to meet people again.


Feb 4 “Hot Sauce on a Sweet Potato”

It must be time to get funky again because that’s what I’m doing.   It’s so funny when I started doing the song a day thing, I envisioned recording a lot of acoustic songs because it is so much easier and faster to record.  But in general, I have produced full band 16 to 24 track songs instead.    I’m addicted to hearing a song develop with the extra instruments.

I rarely listen to any of the takes I do, so that when I hear the final thing, it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time.

Today’s funky song reminds me of a groove that my buddy Will Clay in Rabun, Georgia used to kick with his band Field Trip.   The lyrics of the song are random ‘party lyrics’ that are based on my current habit of putting Louisiana Hot Sauce on everything (including sweet potatoes).  What can I say I’m gourmet all the way.       Thanks for listening!!!


Jan 18th “Daytime Worker Honky Tonk Nighttime Singer”

Big day on the recycling boat today and a trip to the dentist to boot.   Dad and I had a good time stuffing cardboard into every crevasse of the truck.

Today’s song is the first thing that popped out when I sat down in the studio today.   I broke my good acoustic back out after confining it to a dark place to get some moisture back in it’s wood.

“Daytime Worker” is also the first blues style song I’ve done in this endeavor.  I’ve purposely not written much blues for this because it can be perceived as the easy way out.  Mainly, however, I prefer to jump around musical genres to keep things interesting.

You never know, like the song says “one of these days, I’m gonna be an overnight sensation”.