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“The Freaks are Out” (Song of the day)

I was so busy last week that I didn’t even post my ‘Halloween Song’. Nothing like getting your boogie on while you’re trick or treating. Oh course, this song could also just as easily be talking about a normal Friday night scene out on the town. Thanks for listening!


Funky Love Song. December 30th

We did it!  We are now Atlanta residents (even though we haven’t unloaded the truck yet).   And I’ve only got one more song to go!!!   364 songs so far!  I had to do a final funky disco number to stay true to my funky proclivities.  Thanks for listening!


Life Metaphor. December 7th

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in a major life change at the moment.  It’s been interesting how it has been messing with my emotions.  Our bodies have lots of defense mechanisms to keep us in our comfort zones.   As soon as we start to stray away, we start setting all kinds of traps for ourselves.  The key is learning how to navigate around those traps.   That’s what I’m doing today.

Perpetual Hustle. December 2nd

Day two of my new life in Atlanta.   Definitely a big change from my reclusive North Carolina life.  I love the energy of the city though.  I’m out getting my hustle on trying to make some things happen.   So far so good although I do miss having my dog Mozart with me (and of course Adair).   That’s kind of what today’s song is about.  Thanks for listening!


November 6th “Love is a Force, But You Can’t Force Love”

It’s chilly in Asheville today.   We’ve actually got a wintery mix going on.   I got up super early and came out to the studio to start rocking after staying up super late recording a cool band called Rothwang and then eventually recording myself.   I haven’t listened to what I did last night yet.  I honestly can’t remember what the songs sound like I worked on.   I remember today’s song though.  Probably because I just made it.  Thanks for listening!


September 12th “The Fire is Burning”

What a great day to be a sports fan.  Lots of great NFL games, the PGA Playoffs and USA Basketball is playing Turkey in the World Basketball Championships.   Durant vs. Turgolu.  Also a good day to catch up my recording and mixing.  I’m hoping to have Vol. 3 of the 365 greatest hits sent off tomorrow.  I’ve really gotten behind on those.

Anyway, I asked Adair for a topic this morning as I was walking out to the studio and this is what popped out of that.  I hope you’re having a great Sunday.   Thanks for listening!


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