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July 6th “Stay in Cleveland Lebron”

If you turn on any news source this week, there is a constant ticker about where Lebron James is gonna end up next season.   It would be intriguing to see him on another team but it would be a much cooler story if he stays in his home state and brings them a championship.   The economy of Cleveland really depends on him and his image.   I hope he stays and they bring Carlos Boozer and Brendon Haywood in.   To me that’s the best scenario.

Anyway, I figured I’d jump on the news bandwagon and do a song about it.  I started writing it hip hop but it turned more into Queen or something like that.


April 23 “Doctor Sick Beat”

I’m starting to put together the show that Chris Cates & the Master Plan is going to play this summer at several Friday Night Concert style events in several different cities.  We always string together four or five disco songs during the night because they’re all in the same beat and usually the same key.   I’ve now got about six pretty good disco songs of my own to string together which will be lots o’ fun.  This is the latest in this style.   It may be the best one yet.   “Hot, Cold & Out of Control” is a close second.

This one’s chorus is “You better call a doctor, this is the sickest beat, it’s  making people sweat and shake the ice cube’s out their drink”.   Thanks for listening!


Jan 27 “Hot, Cold & Out of Control”

I can’t believe this is what came out today after an intense work day and the two hour commute.   I even thought I was getting the flu this afternoon and by the time I sat down in front of the computer to start  the song for the day I was not feeling real energetic.

I resisted the urge to go lay down which may have been for the night and grabbed the bass and started the song.  I still don’t have my amp so I’m having to do things a little differently, luckily I like different.  Now I’m feeling better but I am definitely ready for bed and was hoping to have come back out to the studio to finish the vocals way earlier.

I did manage to recruit Adair, PJ’s, Snuggie and all to come lend me some old school motown sounding backing vocals.

I’ve really been digging the dance stuff I’ve been doing so I continued that trend.