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Electronica and Techno songs by Chris Cates.

Breathing Means Dreaming – Song #3

The third song from “My Old Soul” has the classic four on the floor kick drum beat that makes booty shaking a must.  Add in some synths, guitars, strings and lyrics questioning life’s struggles and how to sift through them and you’ve got a jam.

“I’ll always be dreaming, if I’m breathing I’m dreaming and one won’t stop before the other”.  Thanks for listening!

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Kick it and See. November 24th

This song started out funny.   I was singing ‘he is a machine’ when I was writing the music. I think it was inspired by whatever game was blaring in the background.   But I was also using it as a metaphor for the roll I was on that day writing songs.   Or I could have also been subliminally thinking about Drazen Petrovik, a great basketball player who I got to see play once.   Anyway, thanks for listening!


November 22nd “Do You React with a Smile”

I’ve had an eventful 24 hours.  Spending the night in Athens then doing some things in Atlanta today.   One of the ATL’s greatest assets is 88.5 FM ‘Album 88’.  A great radio station.   Any station that plays Indian music is alright with me.  Anyway, they play lots of random stuff too.   With this song, I tried to emulate some random ambient techno I’ve heard on there from time to time.

Change is Coming. November 19th

Today’s song is appropriate for my life right now.   We are making a lot of changes.  My wife has a new job out of town and I’m also about to start a new job in another town.  What’s more, I’m leaving my beloved North Carolina and moving back to Georgia.  This time to the ATL.  It’s exciting but it’s also daunting.  I love to change though, so I’m looking forward to it.  Thanks for listening!!


November 8th “Been One of those Days”

I couldn’t quite work myself up to my ultra-productive self.   That’s disappointing because I’ve got a very busy schedule ahead of me this week and next.  This song started out promising but it didn’t quite turn out the way I was hoping it would.   Hopefully tomorrow will be one of those days I’ll never forget.  Thanks for listening!


November 3rd “Make it Happen”

I haven’t written an instrumental in a while.   I think I might have gone a little overboard with this one.  It’s got a lot of changes.   I honestly thought I would have posted a lot more instrumentals during the course of this 365 songs project but this is probably only the seventh or eighth one in over 300 songs.  I really caught my groove about four months ago writing words and just haven’t looked back.   However, it is nice to have a break every once in a while.   Thanks for listening!

October 27th “300th Song”

Believe it or not, today is the 300th day of the year.  Which means it’s also my 300th song.   My tendency has been to commemorate this kind of thing, although I should write about that Celtics / Heat game last night.  Not to mention the Ron Artest show afterward.   300 songs is getting on up there though, the year will be over before we know it.


October 5th “Enjoy What it Really Means”

Today was a day of intense physical execution from around 8 to 5, going as fast as I could without stopping, picking up recycling from one house after another (111 in all).   Today usually takes eleven hours, but I got ‘r done today, mainly because I had to deal with my latest phone issues.   I lost my iPhone and undoubtedly that’s a very expensive endeavor.   That’s why today’s song is another one of my pep talks to myself.   This one is kind of moody and I kind of like it.  I actually added more stuff to it but took it off to achieve this kind of minimalist sound.

October 3rd “Move On and Just Go”

Amazing!   We actually won our flight in the Good Times Invitational this weekend at Clayton, Georgia.   My friend Will Clay and  I played in the tournament and then provided the entertainment last night for the party.   We had a great show last night doing almost as much comedy as we did tasty jams.   Today, despite the fact I forgot my golf shoes, we grinded it out in an intense head to head match and won on the final hole.   Despite the fact that I was playing very sub par to say the least (pardon the pun).

I wish today’s song would have reflected some of our triumph but as my late arrival back to NC dictates, I’m posting the song I had already recorded for today .  Maybe I’ll relive it in a future song.

October 1st “Cleaning Out the Room”

It’s crazy that it’s October already.  This year has flown by.   I remember daydreaming about only having six months left with this 365 songs project and now I’m only 3 months away from 2011.   It’s a good time to clean up and clean out.   We did that last weekend.   I’ve always been a hoarder undoubtedly.  Now I love to be free of so much clutter.   Although that is very much easier said than done.     Thanks for listening!