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Electronica and Techno songs by Chris Cates.

August 31st “The Son of Inspector Gadget”

Today was a little different than the usual recycling route.  Kristen Hampton from WBTV News met me at the recycling dump and then followed me on my recycling route to film a story about my song a day blog and about our recycling duties.   She was great to work with and the piece came out really great.   You can see it at

WBTV NEWS / Chris Cates

August 14th “Culo Caliente”

The gig was fun last night.  Nothing like rocking out with Mid-westerners, you just don’t get to do that enough in life.  We’re headed to Milwaukee now, I haven’t been there since the eighties but I hear nothing but good things about it.  Then it’s Phish at East Troy, Wisconsin tonight.  That’s gonna be fun, especially since Chris and Chris have never seen them before.   This is probably my fiftieth go round.

August 13th “Driving Through Indiana”

We spent the day driving from Asheville to Chicago.   It’s really not that bad of a drive, especially if you can’t get out early enough.  I’m playing a show tonight in the suburbs with Chris Singleton and Chris Campbell and then we’re going to see Phish tomorrow night in Wisconsin.  This is my last vacation of the summer, I suppose.   I better make the best of it!

August 12th “Don Corleone’s Bedtime Music”

Instrumental week continues (as does my riduculous schedule).   The heat is not relenting on the recycling route.  I must say I’m ready for fall.   Now I’m heading to Chicago to play a show and see a show and I think it’s hotter up there than it is here.  C’est la Vie.

August 10th “Happy to Be Home Again”

We won.  North Carolina finally beat Tennessee in the Battle of the Smokies. Mt. Mitchell golf club was fabulous.  The course was perfect for a Ryder Cup style competition, the accommodations were excellent, the food was superb and the fellowship was a lot of fun. I played some golf songs Sunday night for everybody, then I actually participated in the Karaoke session last night, which I really have never done before. Now I’m finally home, first time in six days.  It feels nice.   That’s why I made this quick little instrumental to celebrate and to give myself a chance to rest before I hit the road again tomorrow.   Thanks for listening!

August 9th “Gamblin’ Man”

I’m still up in beautiful Burnsville, NC at Mt. Mitchell golf club competing in the Battle of the Smokies with my NC and Tennessee media friends.   I played great today after swearing several weeks ago that I would give up golf forever (or at least for a while).  It’s a Ryder Cup format and so far I’ve won six out of a possible seven points!   I think it’s because I just quit caring how I hit the ball.   Today’s song is a re-rewrite of  a song I wrote with my Seeing-Eye Bandmates way back in our high school days.  The lyrics are completely different as well as most of the music, but the main riff is still there.  This was inspired by my poker playing friends  (not my golfing exploits).   Thanks for listening!

August 7th “On Vacation”

You guessed it, I’m on vacation with my family this weekend.  I’m doing a pretty good job so far of not wanting to be working.  That’s usually my problem on vacation.  I’m so used to working 16 hour days that it’s hard to stop.   What can I say, I love to make music (the hard labor not so much so).    Thanks for listening!


August 2nd “You Talk A Lot of Smack”

Smack-talkers are real characters.   There are two kinds:  the one’s that can back it up and the one’s that can’t.   I used to play a lot of basketball and that is one game the smack talkers are usually the good players.  I was probably inspired by a recent interview I read with Ron Artest where he was relating some of the awful things Paul Pierce was saying to him during the playoffs.   I’m usually not a smack talker but occasionally I’ll become a bit over exuberant in my competitive exultation.


July 5th “I Never Do That”

We had a great show down in Georgia last night.  It was on the lake and it was beautiful.  Once again my song “Crazy or Crazy in Love” from this blog project was the biggest hit.   I’m pretty excited about the second half of the year.   I guess I feel that since I’ve gotten this far, I may as well use some of the things I’ve learned about myself and my commitment to making music.

Anyway, “I Never Do That” came from something I heard someone say tonight as I was out scoping conversations for song tidbits.   This is one of those songs that shows you don’t have to have a lot of different words to create a song.


June 29 “Back to Reality”

I guess I’m still in aftershock from our short vacation.   Or it could be the mass amount of work, driving, writing, everything but sleeping since then.   C’est la vie.    That’s how stuff gets done.    And I’m getting it done for the most part.     Although, I’ve not been in Asheville at all this week which means I’m having to catch up on the recording.   I’ve actually been a head a day or two on the song writing.   Just behind on the recording.   But at least I’ve sorted about 6,000 pounds of recycling this week.