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Electronica and Techno songs by Chris Cates.

Feb 21 “Super Hero Theme”

We all wish we were a super hero at some point or another in life.  At least I hope so or my Dorkometer may have just gone up a bit.   Dorkometry aside,  at one point in my adolescence I was a master collector of comic books.  My writing actually began solely because of  Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.   I remember the first serious thing I wrote one afternoon at the World of Clothing parking lot in the back of the ’79 Malibu which I later inherited, and put bull-horns on.

Anyway, “Super Hero Theme” raises the concept of a guy that thinks he’s a super hero chiefly because he has a Super Hero Theme.   Whatever works I guess.

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Jan 12th “Tecmo Sol”

I decided to go back to the one rave party I went to at school at App. State with this track.

We were a little out of place with our Eddie Vedder flannel but then again at that point in pop culture, who wasn’t out of place?

This one’s called “Tecmo Sol” a play on words for the immortal ‘Tecmo Bowl’.


Jan. 5th “Financial Planning for Dogs

This song stems from hourly listens to NPR all day.

I started a different song but this insane ‘avant gangsta garde’ piece just popped out.  I guess working in the cold will pull that right out of ya.

I had just thought of ‘Financial Planning for Dogs’ after misreading a yahoo ad.   Then shortly thereafter, Adair and I started talking about giving dogs loans.   Hilarious interjection ensued as you can imagine.

That’s where the tag line “Don’t give that dog a bone, give that dog a loan” came from.

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