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August 22nd “Breathing Means Dreaming”

What can I say, I’ve always been a dreamer.  I’m in my mid-thirties and I’m still dreaming about my future. That’s kind of why I’ve been doing this song a day blog this year; so I can honestly say that I’ve put in the work to move forward with my songwriting and music career.  I also wanted to test my sneaking suspicion that I had the capacity to create every day.   Now if I could just create that massive fortune that I’ve been dreaming about.     Thanks for listening!


August 19th “Catching Up to Destiny”

Do you ever feel like it’s about time that your destiny caught up with you?  I’ve been waiting on destiny my whole life.  But I think the real key is not waiting on it and enjoying things as they happen.  That’s not so great when you are really into instant gratification like I am.


July 31st “No Pay No Play”

We’ve been talking about how the new business model in today’s economy is to wow the consumer with great customer service.  Usually the places that do that well are successful.  It’s part of our DNA to want free stuff and to get as much as we can for nothing or at a huge discount.  I used to really thrive on that kind of thing when I was doing radio and getting a lot of perks.  Nowadays, I actually like to pay for what I get.  Maybe I’ve developed some kind of macho-economic money-mind-freak because of my general non-conformity or maybe it’s because I’ve conformed.  (probably the latter).


July 30th “You Held It Together Well”

Ah computers, our friend and nemesis.  I just got a new one (going portable again) and sold my iMac.   When you have as many programs and plug ins as I do, the transition is never smooth.  Even with Apple’s ease of use.

Pro Tools is working now for me after I tried for hours to fix the problem and then all of a sudden it worked again without me doing anything.  “You Held it Together Well” is fitting because I actually remained calm through the whole process, even with recording clients about to show up and my software not working.

Have a great day!!  Thanks for listening.


July 9th “Don’t Regret the Future”

What a day to be one of those days.   Actually, it’s been a pretty decent day.  I’m at home for the entire weekend which is an extremely rare thing.   I should probably work on my massive back yard fence project but the A/C feels too good today after picking up recycling in the 100 degree heat all week.

Anyway, we’ve been thinking about the future a lot the last few days, so that’s where this song was born.   Thanks for listening!


May 25 “Ready for an Adventure”

I must be ready for a vacation.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.  I am going to a few places this summer but they’re a ways off.  Today’s song is about getting out of town and names a few of my favorite places to go, Chicago, Vegas and San Diego.   I’ll be going to Chicago next month actually, to play golf and see Iron Maiden in concert.   Hopefully I’ll go up and see Phish again in August at Alpine Valley.   Now it seems that I’m dreaming up new vacations when I haven’t actually gone on any of the ones I have planned yet.


March 18 “Six Second Delay”

I had a good time recording some friends of mine today.   Wicked Addiction, a heavy metal band out of Hickory also features my bass player Chris Singleton on drums.   He rocks it too.   It was fun wearing my engineer hat again for the weekend.

Somehow I managed to get up early and write this one.   I just got a new analog synthesizer for Chris Cates & the Master Plan live performances and I got to use it on this.   I’m now going to be doing synth solos live along with the harmonica and guitar solos.   For you techies, I got a Akai  MINIAK and I’m liking it so far.

“Six Second Delay” is my Coldplay inspired song for the month.   It’s got surreal imagery about the vagueness of life.

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