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Love is a Force But You Can’t Force Love

I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I’m going to change that starting now.  I’ve been working on some new music and old music the last few days and am trying to get back in the habit.  I let the real job slow down my momentum.  This is the first year that music is not my primary source of income.

Here’s a funky one to start the weekend.    Thanks for listening!


It’s All Relative, But it’s Relative to What? (song of the day)


I haven’t posted a song in a while.  Life and work tends to get in the way sometimes.   My friend and talented songwriter in his own right, Jake Rathburn, reminded me of this song the other day.   And of the vastly cerebral lines (sic)  “Things are not opposite in China as they are here,  the gravity is still the same except for the gravity in the beer”.   Deep stuff I know.    Thanks for listening!

Mealtime Brown (song of the day)

I’m taking it all the way back to ’94 or ’95 on this one.  Hiro Noodles (aka Jeramy Lamanno) and myself in my parents basement making our theme song on the Tascam 8-track.   Good times.   We went on to make a very eclectic tape called Mealtime Brown around this time.   I was still in college, so this was probably around the holidays.

Thanks for listening.  You may need to turn this one up louder since it’s pretty old school.

Heavy Weather (song of the day)

The tornadoes sirens are going off here in East Atlanta and they’re getting pounded by storms and tornadoes northwest of the city.   This song was originally inspired by violent snow storms in  Asheville last year but it applies equally here today.

Me and You On the Floor (song of the day)

You know me, rapper extrordinaire.  (lol)  This song is a prime example of my mad skills.  (lol x2)   It’s also my ringtone these days.  Nothing like taking business calls to a funky beat.  It also makes me miss my piano that’s still in my old studio in Asheville.  Anyway, hopefully it will serve as some motivation to some wall flowers this weekend that need to get off the couch and go do something uncharacteristic like dancing.   I’ll see you at the club!!

Bastard Son of Bossa Nova (song of the day)

I’m heading out with the Amstel Light Flash campaign for five more gigs at five different venues again tonight.  Fun stuff.  I don’t know why but I’m feeling a little funky today so why not post a funky song right?  This is one of our favorites to play live even though we’ve kind of forgotten about it lately.  Maybe we’ll have to dig it up for our gig in Atlanta this Saturday.  Thanks for listening!