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Funny Songs written by Chris Cates for 365 Songs for 2010.

Walter Matthau

Here’s a silly song by Hiro Noodles and me from my “Mealtime Brown presents.. Parakeet Nelson” album.  Recorded in my parents basement back in the day with the smoke detector included in the mix.  Thanks for listening!

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MC Phone – a – lot



I’ll continue my trend of blogging from my “Risky Biscuits” album.  This is funny little segway created from a funny phone message a good friend of mine left for me one time.

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Super Bowl Sunday Song

I decided to make a video and update my song called “Super Bowl Sunday”. It’s about eating and drinking anything you want on that special day each year and completing ignoring your household chores.

So when you’re eating wings dipped in chocolate pudding during the game tonight, be sure to think of this video.

It’s All Relative, But it’s Relative to What? (song of the day)


I haven’t posted a song in a while.  Life and work tends to get in the way sometimes.   My friend and talented songwriter in his own right, Jake Rathburn, reminded me of this song the other day.   And of the vastly cerebral lines (sic)  “Things are not opposite in China as they are here,  the gravity is still the same except for the gravity in the beer”.   Deep stuff I know.    Thanks for listening!