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This is one of the greatest hits written by Chris Cates for 365 songs for 2010. He is writing and recording a song a day in 2010 and blogging about it. Chris Cates is a recording artist from Western North Carolina.

September Flies

Who’s ready for some smooth easy listening? This song sounds like wearing a velvet coat and having cocktail.  Thanks to John Kell’s sax, the bass line and my meandering guitar, we were really able to create a certain vibe.  Kind of a Burt Bacharach meets James Taylor’s ‘JT’ album kind of feel.

The words are about thinking back to a special September night a long time ago.

“It was great, it was tragic, a slight of hand mixed magic, we reached out but we couldn’t grab it, now it’s back and then gone again”

Featuring me on drums, bass, guitar, synths, strings and vocals and John Kell on sax.

Mastered by Bomb House Recording in Morganton, NC.  #bombhouserecording.

Mozart in the studio
Mozart listening to mixes in the studio late at night
Click here to listen to  or buy the entire album.
Click here to listen to or buy the entire album.

Wild Man

I was in Nashville last week playing a few songwriter nights while I was there on business and remembered how much I loved this song.  ‘Wild Man’ has some of my favorite lyrics of all my songs.    It was written on mandolin and is a story of a tragic rocker living the high life on the edge.  The end has a twist.

This was performed by the Parakeet Nelson band of 2003 featuring John Wayne Tuggle on lead guitar.   It is available on my “Getaway Plans” album.  Thanks for listening!

Click to Listen
Click to Listen to or buy Getaway Plans

Silly Things

This is a new song that I haven’t released yet.  I’ve been saving it because I think it has potential. This is just the demo version of what is to come.  It will probably be on my next album if it fits the format.  It’s got a great message for all you lovers out there.

Check out the new

Walking Around the City. January 11th

This song is perfect for today.  Atlanta is one solid sheet of ice, so there’s hardly any cars going anywhere.  That’s what this song is about.  Walking around the city in the snow and it’s quiet for once.  This came from my ‘song a day project’ last year and may be my favorite one.  Thanks for listening!


Chris Cates 365 Songs for 2010 Greatest Hits Vol. 2



Gonna Take it One Beer at a Time. December 24th

I’ve been sitting on this song for a minute.  That’s either because it’s awesome or because it’s just rude dog (as the old saying goes).  It may very well end up to be one of the more timeless songs I’ve done this year with it’s uptempo Curtis Mayfield/Trick Daddy vibe.  And morally it seems to stand on it’s on.  What those morals are, I’m still trying to decide.

The Sun Dog is an Omen

PT. 3 of my self motivational / crisis management song saga for the week.  This one rocks!!  Neil Young style.  Neil just didn’t do enough songs in D minor.   Anyway, in this one I see the sun dog in the sky and it is an omen to start kicking ass.   True story.

Oh Ricky Rubio

”Outside the Lines” on ESPN did a story on Ricky Rubio this morning.   NBA fans have been waiting on him to come over to the States ever since he gave the USA team a run during the Olympics.  I’m a fan.  I don’t think he’ll ever play here unless Minnesota trades his rights.  Minneapolis or Barcelona?  Which would you pick?   Thanks for listening!

“Oh Ricky Rubio” on mp3

mp3 @ Amazon


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November 12th “The Mouse and the Magic Tone”

Another Friday already.   As I sit here, I hear a tiny mouse scratching in my wall. Undoubtedly, the cats haven’t gotten to him yet.  I usually hear him when I’m working really late at night out here.  I kind of like it.  Late night solo recording sessions don’t seem so lonely.   Thanks for listening!


October 22nd “That’s Bad Ass”

It’s Friday, that means it’s time to post something funny and a little bit edgy to get the weekend kicked off just right.   I can’t think of anything more silly to post than today’s song. How many times have you heard somebody say ‘that’s bad ass’?   This song may have been subliminally inspired by ‘Jackass 3-D’ even though I haven’t seen it and probably won’t unless it comes on TV one day.   Anyway, it’s crackin’ me up.  I hope it does you too!