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This is one of the greatest hits written by Chris Cates for 365 songs for 2010. He is writing and recording a song a day in 2010 and blogging about it. Chris Cates is a recording artist from Western North Carolina.

October 15th “If Gilligan Was a Pimp”

It’s Friday so I figured I’d end the work with a funny funky number.   We all loved Gilligan’s Island and we always rooted for Gilligan.  He always seemed to end up being the victim even though he was looking sporty in his red sweater.   Today’s song ponders the age old question, what would have happened if Gilligan was a pimp.   Have a great weekend!


October 13th “Winter’s Coming Back Again”

Today is supposed to be a little cooler so I figured I’d post this one.   It’s about feeling Fall for the first time.   I wrote a song that started like this, sophomore year at Appalachian State in Cone dorm, but I have no idea where it went from there.  I’m sure I have a TDK with the 8-track Tascam version of that song somewhere.   This version turned out pretty good.   I captured my whole Neil Young and the Bluenotes tone that I used to love so much around that time.  Thanks for listening!


October 12th “Mad Dog or Wild Irish Rose”

I actually got some good studio time in to catch up and get ahead.  I like this new mentality of working a few days ahead.   I don’t feel like I’m in as much of a hurry if I have a few songs ready to go already.  Currently I’ve got ten songs brewing in some fashion or another .  The only thing is, I’ll try like a dickens to write and record something new before putting something pre-recorded up.

Today’s song is a play on cheap wine and irony.  A popular theme among beatniks.


September 30th “Totally Awesome Song”

Every now and then I make a song that is totally undescribable.  I would classify today’s song in that realm.

Adair came home after a football game one night and reminded me of the ‘Awesome’ cheer that cheerleaders do.  Of course she was then employed to face the mic for some totally awesome cheers.  I figured I would keep the words silly and simple to fit with the general silliness of the endeavor.   Also if you’re reading this before eleven in the Charlotte television market, I’ll be singing three ‘365’ songs on ‘Charlotte Today’ on WCNC.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun!  Thanks for listening!

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September 28th “Feel That Connection”

Going strong with the song writing.  I seem to be hitting a new stride now that I’m in the home stretch. I’m also seriously considering a move and exploring my options which is very interesting to say the least.  I’m feeling the opportunity for the first time in a long time.

That’s probably where today’s song sprang from.   Thanks for listening!


September 27th “Black Sheep in the Family”

It’s Monday once again and a rainy one too.  I’m not sure what inspired today’s song, it’s another one of those that just popped out when I sat down in front of the MacBook.  I love playing simple, bluesy, chicken pickin’-style solos like what I do all through this one.  You gotta love blues in F.   Thanks for listening!


September 26th “If Nothing Else Lasts Forever”

It’s Sunday, so I’ll post a love song today.  I did this music a long time ago and liked it so much I really wanted to put some effort into making the words good.  So, I put it off until I felt like it;  which turned out to be about eight months later.   I’m continuing on my endearing love angle in the wake of my anniversary a few weeks ago.  I used to write songs like this all the time before my tendency to make it funky (which happened in college after hearing Dr. Dre and Snoop).    Thanks for listening!!


September 25th “Your Anything is Everything”

Down to 98 songs after this one.   I’m really starting to see the end.   I’m also four songs ahead that are completed and I have music for another fifteen at least.  I finally realized it’s a lot easier when I’m ahead.   This song started out as an impromptu guitar recording and blossomed into a pretty decent indie rock song.

I can’t get away from using strings.  I know I use them a lot and the songs could start sounding the same but I guess I just can’t help it.  Thanks for listening!


September 23rd “Raw Blame Fillet”

It’s still hot!  This has turned out to be the never ending summer.   We can blame it on global warming or on La Ninå or whatever.   But no matter who we blame it on, it’s still just blame.   What good is it really going to do.   I’m a big non-complainer for the most part although I do have my moments.   I do have a tendency to play the blame game in my mind from time to time.   That’s a real downer.  Ha!