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Heavy Metal songs written by Chris Cates for 365 Songs for 2010.

Where the Hell are My Keys. December 20th

*Beware*  you will sing this song all day (and the words aren’t the most positive thing to be singing).  I’ve had more driving issues today, which I won’t get into which makes this song appropriate.  I wrote this the other week after looking for my keys for five hours and not finding them.  For some very odd reason they were found (the next day) in a decorative pillow case that I had not been any where near. I guess I got funny song out of the deal.


Momentous Lapse of Reason. December 15

I haven’t rocked it out heavy metal style in a while.  Playing drums on this one reminded me of the days when I played drums in our 9th grade band, Armageddon.  I was really into Nicko McBrain and Lars Ulrich at the time and I mostly just played fills instead of a constant beat.  The opposite of now, since I mostly play constant beats and not many fills.  Ah, how we become more refined with age.

November 11th “The Best Offense is a Bad Defense”

I’ve been in a rockin’ mood this week I guess.  This one is pretty jammin’.   The content probably derives from my late nights and early mornings watching the sports news cycle on ESPN.  Nothing like the NBA season to make you watch endless stuff about other sports on SportsCenter just to see one highlight that you could instantly watch online.   I guess that’s a dinosaur mentality.


October 8th “Not the Silent Type”

Not the best Friday for me.  I’ve struggling to get going all day.  You think my body would have responded better to my first eight hour sleep in weeks.  Maybe I should have done my normal five and a half after all.  I thought some heavy metal would wake me up, so I busted out “Not the Silent Type”.  I’ve got a gig tonight, so hopefully I’ll start perking up a little bit.  Thanks for listening!


October 2nd “Attitude Adjustment”

I’m in Georgia today, playing golf in the Good Times Classic and then headlining the entertainment for the evening with my good friend Will Clay.  It should be interesting, I used to play golf fairly competitively but honestly, this 365 songs project has pretty much put an end to my golf outings.  That, actually may be a blessing because I got pretty obsessed for a while.

‘Attitude Adjustment’ is a random song about how people take or do whatever to adjust their attitudes.  That seems to be a normal thing in today’s society.

August 17th “High School Before the Attitude”

I don’t know where this one came from.  Probably sitting in too much traffic in too many states the last couple of days.  Or running into old high school friends that look completely different now.  Especially guys that have literally put on seventy p0unds of muscle since their scrawny school days.  And if there was a category for sloppy heavy metal, this would be it.

August 4th “Processing the Process”

I am worn out to say the least after a brutal day recycling in Hildebran, NC.  Hence, a work based song.   I guess after listening to nothing but classical music all day, I was inspired to write a sludge-metal song with an Iron Maiden-style interlude in the middle.

The title actually came from what the phone guy said when I was once again sending off my iPhone for a new one.  Thanks for listening!


April 16th “To the Center of the World”

My brother came up to work on my house today so we streamed the new Slayer album off of myspace.  It’s awesome!   They just keep getting better.    Anyway, I actually wrote this song while listening to Slayer, my brother hammering and during website project I was trying to finish.

It kind of just leaked between the cracks.   I haven’t done a metal-ish song lately, so I was definitely due.

Thanks for listening!

Feb 20 “I Like the Way it Looks But I Hate the Way it Shows”

I need to listen to my song from yesterday more and feel like I have more time in my day.   I had a late gig last night and slept a little late which cut into my studio time today.   As did that 18 holes at Reem’s Creek Golf Course where I fired a mid winter 73, maybe my best score in February to date.

Anyway, “I Like the Way it Looks But I Hate the Way it Shows” is a silly almost heavy metal number.   I honestly meant to spend more time on the song but that’s just the way it goes I guess.


Jan 23 “Heavy Metal Nice Guy”

Well back to the heavy metal comedy songs again I guess.  As soon as I heard this riff with the drums and the synth I thought “I try to be a gangsta but I’m a heavy metal nice guy”.

That’s how it was born.  I speak from experience on this one as well.  I used to be a heavy metal guy through my teens and even had hair down to my waist for a while.  However, my tastes for music have always been all over the place.  Which led me to be a rap producer in Athens, Georgia for about five years.

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