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We Still Get By – #7 from My Old Soul

“We have laughed and we have cried, fallen down and learned to fly, we still get by”

Once again, work and life has prolonged my song postings from my new album My Old Soul.  Today’s song has some rather existential words and feel good chorus about hope and some very Burt Bacharach-esque musical sections.  I will never shy away from using lots of french horn (my favorite instrument) and when you add that in with John Kell’s sax, only good things can happen.   Thanks for listening!

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September Flies

Who’s ready for some smooth easy listening? This song sounds like wearing a velvet coat and having cocktail.  Thanks to John Kell’s sax, the bass line and my meandering guitar, we were really able to create a certain vibe.  Kind of a Burt Bacharach meets James Taylor’s ‘JT’ album kind of feel.

The words are about thinking back to a special September night a long time ago.

“It was great, it was tragic, a slight of hand mixed magic, we reached out but we couldn’t grab it, now it’s back and then gone again”

Featuring me on drums, bass, guitar, synths, strings and vocals and John Kell on sax.

Mastered by Bomb House Recording in Morganton, NC.  #bombhouserecording.

Mozart in the studio
Mozart listening to mixes in the studio late at night
Click here to listen to  or buy the entire album.
Click here to listen to or buy the entire album.

I Can’t Summarize Your Sunny Skies

After not posting for about two months I’m finally getting back to posting the next song from my ‘Risky Biscuits’ album.  This was recorded on my 1/2 inch eight track tape machine and features Mike Elam’s brilliant flugelhorn.   It also features Jeramy Lamanno on drums, Dwayne Wallace on bass and John Wayne Tuggle on slide guitar.  Thanks for listening!

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Sugary Jive

The next song from my “Risky Biscuits” album featuring great sax by Gary Hartle and bass/backing vocals from Dwayne Wallace.   I did a worldwide radio promotion for this song and got heavy play in the Virgin Islands.   Alas, it was not enough to warrant a tour there.   Maybe next time.

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Easy Breezy

It’s such a nice sunny breezy day in the ATL today I thought I should post a song especially for the occasion.

“It’s as easy as you want to make it.”  Words I need to do a better job at living by.  This song is in the style of The Sea and Cake, one of my all time favorite bands.  Thanks for listening!


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Paradigm Shifting (song of the day)

What a great Thanksgiving with the family it was.  We cleaned out the attic a little bit, remembered the past and moved ourselves solidly into the future with a little less baggage.  Time for a new paradigm shift.  This used to be my favorite song to play back in the Parakeet Nelson days.  This recording has a great trumpet solo by Mike Elam and also features my first collaboration with Dwayne Wallace and Winslow Willard.  Thanks for listening!

Sugary Jive *song of the day

It’s definitely moving towards fall.   I’m ready, especially since I spend a small portion of the week in attics measuring them for spray foam insulation.

Sugary Jive is a fall type song.  I actually paid for radio promotion for this song when it came out on my Parakeet Nelson “Risky Biscuits” album.  It got a few thousand plays nationwide and ten thousand plays in the Virgin Islands for some random reason.   I’ll take anything I can get!

Listen to the entire “Risky Biscuits” album here!

Leave it to my Furry Friends

My cat Ms. Pac Man died this weekend after thirteen years of love and sagatious hunting campaigns.  Even though she’s lived with my parents for about five years, I’ll miss her a lot.   This is a song I made about my animals last year.


Linville Caverns

I heard this song on my computer yesterday and realized is probably the best thing I’ve ever done instrumentally.   Check out the spot about halfway through the song when we slow it down and John Kell and I intertwine sax and guitar solos.  I played all the solos with my fingers to give the guitar a different sound.   This song was inspired by our teenage jaunts up 181 to the Linville Caverns.  Those were the days.