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I Need Children to Feed to my Alien

Today’s song from the ‘Risky Biscuits’ album marks one of the funnest times in my life collaborating with a ton of musicians and friends in Athens.  When this song was recorded, I played guitar for the first time in six months (with help from a physical therapy tool).  I had severely broken my arm on a four wheeler and had to cancel more than 40 gigs.

Anyway this song was recorded live in the studio with a huge band.  Seth Hendershot on drums, Jesse Cole on bass, John Wayne Tuggle on lead guitar (1st solo), Daniel Marler on lead guitar (2nd solo), Gary Hartle on tenor sax, John Kell on alto sax and Mike Elam on trumpet.

Oh did I mention this was done in one take!  Thanks for listening!

I Can’t Summarize Your Sunny Skies

I figured I post a sunny day song today.  Maybe that will make the ice melt.  I’m in sales and the jobs I’ve sold can’t get done when the trucks are sitting still.  This one comes from my ‘Risky Biscuits’ album and features great flugelhorn by Mike Elam.  It also had a memorable backing vocal session with Mike, Dwayne Wallace, Ben Nunn, Coda Baerfider and myself gathered around my old studio in Athens.  Wait around for the instrumental interlude about 2 minutes in.  Thanks for listening!


Risky Biscuits Parakeet Nelson




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Dead Man’s Suit.

Moving to a new place and throwing out old stuff.  I’ve been wearing a dead man’s suit for too long.  I guess it’s time to get some new clothes.  This has all been a metaphor.  Kind of like today’s song from my album of the same.

Dead Man's Suit by Chris Cates & the Master Plan

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Paradigm Shifting. January 2nd

I figured since I’ve definitely changed my paradigm in the last few months that this song was appropriate for today.  This one’s off my Parakeet Nelson “Risky Biscuits” album.  It was my first collaboration with Dwayne Wallace on bass and it also features Brian Head on drums and Winslow Willard (where are you Winslow?) on guitar as well.  But truly the highlight is my utterly brilliant friend Mike Elam on Flugelhorn.   Have a great Sunday!!


Risky Biscuits
Parakeet Nelson Risky Biscuits



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If Passion Didn’t Invite Us. December 26th

I hope everyone had a nice white Christmas.  We’ve gotten a foot of snow in Asheville and it’s still snowing.  I guess it’s only fitting, we started 2010 with lots of snow and I guess we’re going out like that.  Today’s song is a jazzy number.  Thanks for listening!

Between Lies and Ordinary. December 19th

Finally a Sunday without snow and extreme cold.  Mozart, our dog may actually get a few full fledged walks in today.  Today’s song is a jazzy song not unlike a song I did back in January (one of my favorites)  “The Sweetest Thing is Everything”.  What can I say, I love major seventh chords.  Thanks for listening!


Life Metaphor. December 7th

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in a major life change at the moment.  It’s been interesting how it has been messing with my emotions.  Our bodies have lots of defense mechanisms to keep us in our comfort zones.   As soon as we start to stray away, we start setting all kinds of traps for ourselves.  The key is learning how to navigate around those traps.   That’s what I’m doing today.

Misty Love Shine. December 4th

It’s kind of a dreary day today in Asheville.  It even sleeted for a little while.   I figured today was a good time to post ‘Misty Love Shine’ since it’s pretty misty and wintery.  Every now and then I’ve got to write a song with all seventh chords.  Thanks for listening!


Recognize the Irony. November 17th

Ricky Rubio is still giving this blog an unbelievable amount of hits.  That’s awesome.   What is also awesome is that it’s not going to be raining all day today.   Although I don’t mind working in the rain.   I actually like it.   There is only so long that being soaked is tolerable.  Today’s song is a jazzy acoustic number.   It’s kind of about seeing your life as it happens (instead of in hindsight).  Thanks for listening!