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September 28th “Feel That Connection”

Going strong with the song writing.  I seem to be hitting a new stride now that I’m in the home stretch. I’m also seriously considering a move and exploring my options which is very interesting to say the least.  I’m feeling the opportunity for the first time in a long time.

That’s probably where today’s song sprang from.   Thanks for listening!


September 13th “Things Change”

Ah the “fall” songs are starting to pop out.   Something about Autumn makes me write deliciously melancholy music.  I actually put out a cassette album called “Fall” in November of 1993.  It was drastically inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid” soundtrack.  What a great album that is.

Anyway, today’s song is about being mortal.  It sucks, but that seems to be what we all have in common.  My trip to the chiropractor inspired this along with the diagnosis that I am permanently ruining my back by doing the work I’m currently doing.  I don’t know why, I’ve only lifted around 400,000 pounds in the last two and half years recycling.   Thanks for listening!


August 15th “Song for Sade”

Phish was awesome last night at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin.  They jammed more than they have in years.  They are really better than they ever have been.  We had a blast and had perfect seats on the lawn.

On my song posting, I think today will be the last of instrumental week.  I’ll be back home tonight and will be able to record some songs the old-fashioned way (with lyrics).  This is a very mellow jammer, couldn’t you hear Sade singing over this?

July 27th “Where Did Summer Go When I Grew Up”

I kicked butt on the old recycling route today.   Ten hours straight with no break.  The funny thing is I was working extra hard to get a few hours off tomorrow.   But tomorrow, I’ll probably start working ahead (like I was doing today) to knock a few hours off of Thursday.  Hence, what happened to summer?  Going to school as a kid and having all those months off does not prepare you for what summers are going to be like later in life.  You mean I have to work instead of going to the pool?


June 16th “Asheville Evening”

I’ve done 166 songs before this one and haven’t done an acoustic instrumental yet.  And as my urbane set up concludes, today is the day.  This song has been evolving in warm ups at acoustic gigs for a while, so it was bound to end up on one of my song a days.   I decided to do all the orchestration with just the acoustic guitar.   Although the keyboard strings were tempting me (as they always do).

I named it “Asheville Evening” in tribute to the rainy haze outside my studio door.   Thanks for listening!


June 15th “See the Way Together”

What a hot sweaty day.   We hit our recycling routes then I had the pleasure of working in the 200 degree box truck for a while unloading glass bottles from restaurants.   They don’t smell quite as rosey during the summer months.   I started to write a song about being busy and working but that seemed to only perupetuate my supposed misery.  It’s not that bad.

Then when I got home to my oasis in Asheville, I started talking to several people that my band is performing at their wedding.  Which led me back to some old tracks I recorded in Athens with Mike Elam and a viola player that I haven’t listened to in years.   Today I added some more music and wrote the lyrics with a bit of a mariachi wedding remix.


April 25th “Seven Ways from Sunday”

I got the quote that started today’s song from a great book I’m recording editing for author Kathy Godfrey called F’d.  It’s really good.  She’s got a lot of great phrasing in it and “Seven Ways from Sunday” is one that popped out at me.

I love to revert back to my major jazz chords to write.  I guess that’s my signature songwriting move (aside from trying to be funny).  Thanks for listening!!

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April 14th “Leave it to My Furry Friends”

Well, it only took about two weeks after getting a new puppy to start writing songs about it.  I’ve refrained so far because something else has always popped into my head thus far.  That is until today.   “Leave it to My Furry Friends” ponders the reason why Man is not Man’s best friend.

Thanks for listening!!             Click the play icon below to hear it!


Hear’s a picture of my inspirations for this song.

April 10 “100 Days to Say”

This is my 100th song so far!!!   I can’t believe I’ve written a hundred songs in a hundred days, plus a few more that I had to write for other things.   I don’t know how many songs I’ve written in my lifetime (probably around 500-600), so this is a pretty significant chunk.

The best part is that a lot of the songs are some of my best ever.  To me “Walking Around the City” and “Geometrically in Perfect Touch” may be my best songs ever.  And the funk stuff I’ve been doing is definitely my most funky.

Anyway, thanks for listening and helping to plug along and keep writing and recording.   Only 265 songs to go!!

100 Days to Say – Chris Cates’s 100th song for 2010!