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Super Bowl Sunday Song

I decided to make a video and update my song called “Super Bowl Sunday”. It’s about eating and drinking anything you want on that special day each year and completing ignoring your household chores.

So when you’re eating wings dipped in chocolate pudding during the game tonight, be sure to think of this video.

Birthday Birthday (song)

I’m heartened by all of today’s B-day wishes.  I appreciate it very much!  Today’s song is what I recorded last year on this day and it rocks pretty good. “Another year older/ another year wiser / another entrée / another appetizer”, pure poetry right?

Thanks again for the shout outs!


Kobe Time (song)

It’s crunch time for the Lakers today.  I hope they can pull it out, I’m not ready to see Phil retire.    One thing I know, is Kobe will come to play.   This is the song I wrote last year when they were about to win the finals when Kobe wouldn’t let them lose.    It’s also one of my favorite songs I’ve done (even though it’s very silly).


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Ricky Rubio Song

I saw an article from Spain where they talk about this song ( and even translate it ).  I recorded it on November 14th for this blog last year and have gotten an outpouring of support from Spanish basketball fans.   I’m a big Rubio fan, but I also like Gasol, Navarro and a few more up and coming players from there.

Whats’ really cool is that now that it’s gotten this much attention, maybe Ricky Rubio himself has listened to it.  If so, holla at me Ricky.  I’d love to come to a FC Barcelona game!!!!!

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First Funk Baptist

This song makes me laugh every time.  Coda Baerfider (Rico Davenport) is brilliant in this impromptu, pseudo-spiritual/funk interlude.  Gary Hartle (aka G the Nefarious) provides the tenor sax, recorded in the bathtub of our delapidated house in Athens at the time.  For those of you who didn’t go to church today, maybe you’ll get some religion out of this.   Or at least a laugh.


Risky Biscuits

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