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Light Peaking Through the Clouds (song of the day)


The storms are over but it’s still going to be raining for  a few days.  Which is great for me because I love the rain.  Maybe I should live in Seattle.  For some reason it makes me way more creative.   This song is from my daily songs from last year.

Heavy Weather (song of the day)

The tornadoes sirens are going off here in East Atlanta and they’re getting pounded by storms and tornadoes northwest of the city.   This song was originally inspired by violent snow storms in  Asheville last year but it applies equally here today.

You Gotta Get a Real Job (song of the day)

Being back in Georgia reminds me of my Parakeet Nelson days all the time.  This was one of our quintisential tracks back then and we still rock it today.  I’m actually joining up with a few players from back then mixed with Chris Singleton (my new bass player of seven years) this weekend for a few gigs.  I’ll have to break this one out for old times sake.  Thanks for listening!


Bigger Head, Bigger Dummy (song of the day)

I figured I’d get the week off in a rocking manner.  This song is off of our “Dead Man’s Suit” album from a few years back and it’s always a fun one for us to play live.  It starts with the funny line “I’ve got a big fine boat but I don’t want to sail it,  I like the way it looks sitting in my back yard.  I would sail the seven seas if it weren’t for the fishes but they still call me Captain at the local bar”.  Thanks for listening!

Listen to the entire “Dead Man’s Suit” album here!