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Sad songs written by Chris Cates for 365 Songs for 2010.

Getaway Plans

I’m in merry England this week traveling through the country side looking at sheep and cows.  It’s nice to get a way from the hectic pace of Atlanta living.  It made me think of this song from my album of the same name.  Thanks for listening!


Cosmic Rays (song of the day)

They were talking about cosmic rays on NPR this morning and it reminded me of this song from my “Getaway Plans” album.   At one time this song was called ‘Melody Juice’ before it finally made it on a record.  Wait for the harmonica solo in the middle.  Thanks for listening!

Unless I Could Change a Few Things

I’ve been reliving a lot of old memories from my last stint in Georgia (’98-’04) since I’ve been back down there.   I spent my 20’s in Athens learning to run a business and learning to survive with a touring band (or almost survive).  One thing hasn’t changed.  I’ve still got a lot of really good friends there and they’ve been helping me out this time around in a big way.  Cheers to them!   This song is about those old days.