Dead Man’s Suit

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We wanted to make an album that rocks like our live MasterPlan shows and Dead Man’s Suit has lots of songs that we have  a lot of fun with when we’re on stage.  As usual, there’s lots of humor, great bass guitar, lead guitar and sax on this eight song jam session with “Tumbleweed” and “Smellin’ Good” leading the way and “Bastard Son of Bossa Nova” taking it to the next level.

The song “Dead Man’s Suit” serves as a funky vehicle for my jazz harmonica playing and as a tribute to an old brown thrift store suit I used to wear.  “My Town” is a funny one about a fugitive that refuses to leave his hometown despite the cops chasing him and “Why Not Right Now” is a semi-motivational tune that is always a crowd favorite.

The album was recorded at my Asheville studio with a few drum parts recorded in Morganton.  It features the long time touring MasterPlan band: Chris Singleton on bass, Jason Peeler on drums and vocals, John Kell on sax and vocals and me on vocals, guitar, harmonica and keyboards.

Dead Man’s Suit was actually released simultaneously with my “Passion & Purpose” record.



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