Gringo Rock!

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Born in a hut in the hills of North Carolina and cultivated into a jagged beauty by the city streets of Atlanta to shine like a flashlight throughout the multi-verse….  or something like that.

Gringo Rock! is my alternate ego heavy metal band created to showcase the many hard rock songs I have in my unreleased inventory.  Most of these songs were written and recorded during my 365 Song for 2010 blog when I wrote, recorded and blogged a song every day that year.  Hence, the slight sloppiness of the collage of distortion drums and bass (I performed most of the takes on drums, bass and guitar in one take).

The topics of the songs range from rude, thoughtful to hilarious.  Comedy seems to be my default, so there are lots of funny songs on the record including “Heavy Metal Nice Guy”, “That’s Bad Ass”, “I Remember You in High School” and “History of Deviant Behavior”.

There are also some legitimate metal entries as well such as “Walking in Molasses” and “Momentous Lapse of Reason” .  Not to neglect my other default, there are also some funky tunes like “Things We do for Money” and “Your are Here”.

Overall, my personal favorite is the opening number “The Best Offense is a Bad Defense”.

Gringo Rock! Cover

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