2 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Peace to my brother for life. This is Pat, (p-noid). I just ran into Dwayne, he said he talked to you not to long ago. You know your boy really don’t be on line, but I had to say peace and I hope everything in the field is going well. I stayed out of the game for awhile and became involved in the martial arts 11 years ago. I’m a black belt in taekwondo. I won a few tournaments and got a few trophies on the shelf; I still train everyday. The hip hop game ( or now what is called hip hop) sucks, so I’m always listening to our old stuff. Remember that “Country Funk”!

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Welcome to Chris Cates.com. I'm an old school independent artist with lots of albums, songs, solar panels etc. This site tries to encapsulate what it is I've been doing since I played my first professional gig at 13. I post a song of the day occasionally from my somewhat excessive original song catalogue and I'm constantly recording new material when I'm not building solar farms, trying to play golf or tennis or taking care of my new twin girls.

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