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Why Not Right Now

I’m posting this one for our friend Brandi.  This is her favorite song by us.  This is from the Master Plan album “Dead Man’s Suit” from 2007.  On this one, I get to get my keyboard solo on.  Thanks for listening!

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Twice as Many Reasons

This is a sad break up song I did a few years back but never put on an album.  It was on the sparsely release ep ‘…sneak preview’ but it got formatted out of the next album because it was acoustic.  It was one of the first songs I recorded when I moved to Asheville.  Thanks for listening!

Make My Heart Sing. Jan. 1st 2011!!

A new year and a new blog.   This year I’ll be posting a different song from throughout my career as well as new songs and songs that I have done with other artists (producing, writing or collaborating).  As I’ve said earlier in my blog, 2011 brings a lot of changes to my life, including a new job and house in Atlanta.  That’s why I decided to post “Make My Heart Sing” to start the new year.   It has a positive message of “big things happen when you follow your dreams”.  This is one of my all time favorites that I’ve released, especially the jam about halfway through with John Kell (on sax) and I (on guitar) playing dueling leads to a fabulous crescendo.  Thanks for listening!!


Passion and Purpose by Chris Cates on sale at CD baby
Passion and Purpose by Chris Cates on sale at CD baby





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