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March 10 “Crazy or Crazy in Love”

Science research just found out that the human brain is not fully developed until men turn 25 and it’s a little sooner for women.   So basically we are clinically insane until we’re about 25.

That’s why we do so many crazy things at an early age and eventually start becoming more sensible.   And it’s also why we’ll do the craziest things and feel the craziest things when we’re young and in love.

That’s what “Crazy or Crazy in Love” ponders,   ‘are you really crazy or is being in love what is making you do crazy things.’

Thanks for listening!!


Feb 21 “Super Hero Theme”

We all wish we were a super hero at some point or another in life.  At least I hope so or my Dorkometer may have just gone up a bit.   Dorkometry aside,  at one point in my adolescence I was a master collector of comic books.  My writing actually began solely because of  Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.   I remember the first serious thing I wrote one afternoon at the World of Clothing parking lot in the back of the ’79 Malibu which I later inherited, and put bull-horns on.

Anyway, “Super Hero Theme” raises the concept of a guy that thinks he’s a super hero chiefly because he has a Super Hero Theme.   Whatever works I guess.

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