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September 19th “Star Tattoo”

It’s finally time for that perfect Asheville weather, reminding me of why I have loved living here for the past five years.  We took our dog Mozart to the Parkway today for a little hike which was mighty nice (aside from a few assorted bee stings).

“Star Tattoo” came from a random conversation I had with Adair this morning.  She mentioned something about a star tattoo and I said that sounds like a good song for today.  So here it is!  Thanks for listening!



March 1st “Spring in Asheville”

March is rolling in and like clockwork we’ve got another winter weather advisory.   I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve canceled four gigs already this year because of weather and it’s starting to get old.

Not to mention driving a ten thousand pound truck in the snow and ice.  Actually that’s kind of fun.

“Spring in Asheville” is kind of recognizing a few good and bad things in the world today while wishing for spring at the same time.  I really don’t hate  the cold as much as I make it out in this song.   I actually don’t mind it much.

Read the lyrics @ chriscates.com/march1.html