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Lucky Umbrella

Today marks the beginning of several re-issues from my long musical history.   I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I released ‘Getaway Plans’ on the eve of my departure from Athens, Georgia.   In celebration of it’s ten year anniversary, I have remastered and re-imagined the album, changing the song order and adding four new songs that were recorded during the same era.

The album features the fantastic Parakeet Nelson touring band of 2001 – 2004 featuring John Wayne Tuggle, Dwayne Wallace, Dave Brockway and John Kell with special guest Andrej Kurti tearing it up on violin on several songs.   The infamous Mike Lowdermilk also makes an appearance on a few of the new added songs.

Umbrella is one of my most enduring songs about turning things around, staying positive and being there for each other.  I have sung it at many charity and spiritual events, not to mention many bars too for that matter.  Ha!  Thanks for listening!

Click to listen to the entire album.
Click to listen to the entire album.

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If You Feed it, It Will Grow (song of the day)

This song was a lot of fun to record live in Elixir studios way back in 2003.  John Wayne Tuggle on slide, Dwayne Wallace on bass, Andrej Kurti on violin and Wilma on backing vocals.   Peter Fancher on the board in the control room.  This song also has a good message that I try to remember from time to time.  Thanks for listening!

I’m So Chill that I sleep in a Sauna (Song of the Day)

Silly rap rock anyone?   This one is also from my “Mealtime Brown presents..” album.  I wrote this one while driving a moving truck to Jefferson, Georgia to move my stuff out and into the first house I bought in Athens.   How that pertains to the song, I don’t know.  Thanks for listening!

Traction (song of the day)

We all need a little traction every now and then don’t we?    This super jam catches a moment in time in my fabled Athens days with Parakeet Nelson / Phallic Phungus.   An nine piece band live in the studio totally locked in with me barely playing guitar because of a broken wrist.    Thanks for listening!

Highly Motivated

Today’s song features DangerMouse, who I just heard is producing the new U2 album! That’s amazing. I worked with him on four of his mix tapes and a few of his other side projects in Athens before he went to London and got huge with the Jay Z/Beatles remix and then Gnarls Barkley, The Black Keys, Guerrillas etc.
This song was recorded at Elixir in Athens by Peter Fancher and it also features Jeramy Lamanno on drums. DangerMouse (Brian Burton) is doing the scratching and I’m playing everything else.
Thanks for listening!

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Fogjuice by Hiro Noodles (aka Jeramy Lamanno)

Jeramy Lamanno is my lifelong best bud, record company partner and musical collaborator.  I’m one of his biggest fans too.  He hasn’t put any solo work out in a while but you can still catch him on drums playing with Garbage Island, an experience you’ve got to witness.   He also runs Lo Yo Yo Stuff in downtown Athens (near the 40 Watt) maybe the best record store in the USA.  This is one of his acoustic demos that I assume I was ‘executive producer’ on.  That was usually my title on his releases. I’ve always meant to do a version of ‘Fogjuice’ myself.  Jerry’s songwriting is superb!


Mealtime Brown 1992



Unless I Could Change a Few Things

I’ve been reliving a lot of old memories from my last stint in Georgia (’98-’04) since I’ve been back down there.   I spent my 20’s in Athens learning to run a business and learning to survive with a touring band (or almost survive).  One thing hasn’t changed.  I’ve still got a lot of really good friends there and they’ve been helping me out this time around in a big way.  Cheers to them!   This song is about those old days.


October 19th “Old Times Ten Years Later”

I mentioned last week that I’ve been going through some old stuff from my days in Athens, Georgia.  What a place to live when you are in your 20’s.  I still can’t believe I ran such a successful business with all of the crazy things we had going on and all of the crazy bars we played in those years.  But honestly, I really wasn’t thinking about that much when I wrote this song.  Or maybe I was and just didn’t know it.

June 20th “Here She Comes”

As I’m heading out of town once again to play a gig, this time in Young Harris, Georgia, I found myself thinking about an old song.   I managed to dig up the bass and drums from a recording I must have done with Dave Brockway and Dwayne Wallace in Athens.   What started out as a remake became something totally different all together, however I did keep some of my old chorus lines for the song.    This is kind of a surreal song that paints a few images before arriving back to the powerful return of a loved one.   Kind of like how Adair and I feel these days when we see each other often infrequently.

June 15th “See the Way Together”

What a hot sweaty day.   We hit our recycling routes then I had the pleasure of working in the 200 degree box truck for a while unloading glass bottles from restaurants.   They don’t smell quite as rosey during the summer months.   I started to write a song about being busy and working but that seemed to only perupetuate my supposed misery.  It’s not that bad.

Then when I got home to my oasis in Asheville, I started talking to several people that my band is performing at their wedding.  Which led me back to some old tracks I recorded in Athens with Mike Elam and a viola player that I haven’t listened to in years.   Today I added some more music and wrote the lyrics with a bit of a mariachi wedding remix.