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Cool Air Attitude

I’ve really taken a liking to this song and have been rewriting it and working on it a lot lately.  I originally wrote it August 30th of last year.  That seems so long ago now that I’m living in a different state with a different life completely.



Hot Sauce on a Sweet Potato

Only in Atlanta.  I thought I’d take a chance and go to my neighborhood convenience store for some hot sauce.  Not only did they have my favorite brand (Lousiana One Shot hot sauce) they also had at least 10 other brands of hot sauces in large and small sizes!    As I said before, only in Atlanta!



Memories of the Future

My time in Asheville is coming to an end for now. Tonight is our last night. ATL here we come. I’ve written over 400 songs here in my custom made studio that I built from scratch. Not to mention all the great bands that I recorded over the last five years. Thank you to you all. I’ll miss NC a lot too. It’s been a favorite muse of mine for a long time.