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Winter’s Coming Back Again

Made it back to the ATL in one piece and figured I’d post another song to celebrate.  I’m a little late on the timing of this one but I figured it would set the mood for the evening, looking out at the snow wherever you are.   I wrote a song similar to this in Cone dorm at App. State back in the day and this is my re-imagined version where I tried to recapture that melancholy feeling of college life and it’s ever  changing challenges. Little did I know real life after college only proves to be way more challenging.  But it can be fun if you let it.   Enjoy the snow!!


Snow Day Song

My song that is very fitting for today.  Hopefully wherever you are the kids are out of school and having fun in the snow.  This tune is about that.  And if you’re in Atlanta, I hope you are not stuck in the massive traffic jam.

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