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Another Round for My Friends

Happy New Year!  Let’s start the year of with a song about celebrating with friends and reflecting on the past year.  2015 was a good one for me musically and otherwise.  I enjoyed my first year with Joy and Coral, my new twins, developed a bunch of solar, managed to release 5 albums and 5 singles and to have a little bit of fun along the way.

Thanks for another great year.  Here’s another round for you.



Gonna Take it One Beer at a Time. December 24th

I’ve been sitting on this song for a minute.  That’s either because it’s awesome or because it’s just rude dog (as the old saying goes).  It may very well end up to be one of the more timeless songs I’ve done this year with it’s uptempo Curtis Mayfield/Trick Daddy vibe.  And morally it seems to stand on it’s on.  What those morals are, I’m still trying to decide.