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September 23rd “Raw Blame Fillet”

It’s still hot!  This has turned out to be the never ending summer.   We can blame it on global warming or on La Ninå or whatever.   But no matter who we blame it on, it’s still just blame.   What good is it really going to do.   I’m a big non-complainer for the most part although I do have my moments.   I do have a tendency to play the blame game in my mind from time to time.   That’s a real downer.  Ha!


June 1st “It’s in the Soup”

June is popping in a little funky.  I don’t know where this one came from but I kind of like it.   It kind of takes me back to my ‘Dre Days’ producing rap music in Athens, Georgia.    It’s funny I never really rapped ever even though I could have.  I actually feel kind of confident doing it now.  Probably because I can do anything to fill my song a day option and blame it on that.   I do seem to inflect a Doctor Dre type style to my raps however.    My calling card back in the day was that I always had an upright piano to add to the beat to give it a really signature sound.   This is all Korg Triton on this one though.

Thanks for listening!!