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September 19th “Star Tattoo”

It’s finally time for that perfect Asheville weather, reminding me of why I have loved living here for the past five years.  We took our dog Mozart to the Parkway today for a little hike which was mighty nice (aside from a few assorted bee stings).

“Star Tattoo” came from a random conversation I had with Adair this morning.  She mentioned something about a star tattoo and I said that sounds like a good song for today.  So here it is!  Thanks for listening!


June 21 “America’s Favorite Drive”

This is year is the 75th anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway.   75 years ago, Roosevelt built our beautiful scenic highway as part of the New Deal.  It created jobs and paid tribute to the mountains he loved to drive and train through on the way to his medical retreat in Georgia.  He had a facility with hot springs and other non-conventional methods for people who suffered from polio and other maladies.   Anyway, at one point last year, I was in the running be part of the overall anniversary campaign as  a performer or spokesman of some sort.  So I got together with Craig Distl, PR extraordinaire, and co-wrote “America’s Favorite Drive” which tells the story of the parkway and also encourages people to take a drive on it.   This subject is extra special to me because I wrote tons of the songs actually lying on my in the fields beside the parkway when I went to school at App. State and I currently live only about five miles from it.   Although I tend to write in my scenic studio these days.

Anyway again, this song has never been finished, mainly because I didn’t get the gig and didn’t have an outlet to release it.   So, I dug it up today after seeing that they’re kicking in their campaign finally and redid a few things and now it’s out.   I hope you enjoy it while you’re driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway.


March 31 “Home Again”

I round out my third month of songwriting with another song that has origins from my past.   It’s getting to be that time of year to drive up in the mountains and see the spring colors.   I’m actually driving up to Blowing Rock to play a show in a few days and am looking forward to that old drive again.

Actually the drive up 181 is what inspired this song.   Parts of it are from an old song of mine  from 1993 that I never really did anything with.   I started thinking about it again a while back when we were contemplating a ‘Blue Ridge Parkway’ album to commemorate it’s 75th anniversary.

Thanks for listening!!!    Click Below to hear  “Home Again”


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