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July 22nd “The More You Know, The More You Will Forget”

I listen to a book on CD every day driving up and down the mountain from Asheville to Morganton and back.  I was thinking today about all the biographies I’ve heard (at least 50).   I retain the information so well when I first hear it but after time I start to forget all the intricate stories and details.  That’s very sad to me, but yet at the same time, it makes it so I can go back and listen to the books again and enjoy it all over.   Hello “The Life of Marco Polo”!  That’s my favorite book that I’ve listened to that I’ve already forgotten.

This song is more about someone who goes through school and life who doesn’t quite figure it out until he gets a life education.  Thanks for listening!


May 3rd “Written on the Page”

As I’ve stated before, I listen to a book on CD every day driving up and down the mountain and/or I put a book in my iPod and listen to it all day.  Today I started On the Road by Jack Kerouac which kept me transported to 1948 Americana while I was recycling.  Anyway, last week I listened to Dumas’s The Man in the Iron Mask,  the writing style is exceptional.    I was an english major that focused on that era specifically.

That’s probably what inspired todays song, which is taking some of the haughty sentence structure of 18th century french nobility.  Or something like that.


April 21st “What if Time Doesn’t Exist”

Once again the Einstein biography I’m listening to inspired another song.   It’s 18 discs long, so I’ve been listening to it for quite a while.  Einstein was a great man.  Not only for science, he was indispensible in his pursuit of equality for all races and nations.

Anyway, as he argued with his colleagues, the hypothesis that time didn’t actually exist came up.  I guess that’s what helped this song to pop out.  Thanks for listening!