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March 31 “Home Again”

I round out my third month of songwriting with another song that has origins from my past.   It’s getting to be that time of year to drive up in the mountains and see the spring colors.   I’m actually driving up to Blowing Rock to play a show in a few days and am looking forward to that old drive again.

Actually the drive up 181 is what inspired this song.   Parts of it are from an old song of mine  from 1993 that I never really did anything with.   I started thinking about it again a while back when we were contemplating a ‘Blue Ridge Parkway’ album to commemorate it’s 75th anniversary.

Thanks for listening!!!    Click Below to hear  “Home Again”


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Jan 12th “Tecmo Sol”

I decided to go back to the one rave party I went to at school at App. State with this track.

We were a little out of place with our Eddie Vedder flannel but then again at that point in pop culture, who wasn’t out of place?

This one’s called “Tecmo Sol” a play on words for the immortal ‘Tecmo Bowl’.


Jan. 4th Song “Soul Bread”

It’s getting a little tougher now. I got up this morning around 6 drove the 50 miles to Morganton and picked up recycling for around 85 places with Dad. It was 17 degrees this morning but it really didn’t seem to bad. I think I have more trouble when the temperatures are in the 40’s than the teens.
It must be those four years I spent in Boone.
Today’s song reflects nothing of what I have experienced today, it’s just what came out between 6:30 and 7:00pm, my alloted time to write tonight.  I’m still sticking with my ‘first thought best thought stategy’.
“Soul Bread” is a story song that’s a bit tragic and a bit humorous with a little secret ‘Belle and Sebastion’ jam at the end.
Thanks for listening.