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Thank You Carlos Santana – song of the day

I just got back to Atlanta last night after working in Massachusetts for two and a have months.  It’s nice to be  home.   So much so it makes we want to rock out Santana style.

This is my thank you song to Carlos Santana.   This is from my 365 Songs for 2010 and is just me playing all the instruments.

Click the play button below.   Thanks for listening!


Feb 27 “Thank You Carlos Santana”

Driving home the other night after the Trey concert I pulled some Santana up and jammed it loud to keep me awake.   I guess that’s where inspiration for this song came from.

Santana used to be my absolute favorite and still is up there near the top with me.   I wish I could see his show in Vegas this year.  That would be awesome.   I’ve seen him three times, one of which was with Bob Dylan.

If you’re a Santana fan, “Lotus” his live album from Japan is the very best!  He also has  a crazy concert with John McLaughlin that’s pretty intense too, although it’s mostly just shredding and not much else.  His DVD with Trey is similar and good for a watch.

Read the lyrics @ chriscates.com/feb27.html