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March 26 “Road to the Final Four”

I guess it was inevitable with all of the March Madness on TV.   Duke’s the only ACC team still in it.   Around here most folks don’t care unless Carolina is in it.   I, unfortunately feel the same way.   I do pull for Duke because I’ve lived out of state long enough in the past to root for all North Carolina teams.

“Road to the Final Four” is about betting on the NCAA tournament bracket.   Something I fortunately didn’t do.



Jan 13th “Party on a Wednesday Night”

Our first day with a decent temperature in a while was quite a treat.    My college buddy Rob from Chicago just got to town and my other college buddy and Morganton friend Plemplum came to town for the afternoon reunion.   We played an awesome 9 holes at Asheville Municipal Golf Course and then had some sushi with a few more good friends.

Then I retired to the studio around 10pm to write and record this song while my friends walked to Chili’s to watch the end of the Carolina game (debacle).

They got home just in time to add some color to the background of tonight’s song.    They definitely had a great time doing it and it shows.

Thanks for listening!!