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Outer Banks

As the hurricane rolls in, today’s song is fitting, I was originally gonna post it as an end of summer song. One of my favorite recordings (because of the classical and electric guitar parts), Outer Banks is a very old song.   I wrote it my freshman year at Appalachian and then re-wrote it for the Carolina Songs album.

It features the MasterPlan, Jason Peeler, Chris Singleton and John Kell and perfectly reflects the conflict of leaving everything behind to move to a quiet place at the beach. Something all of us working folk can relate to.

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Carolina Songs

My tribute album to the mountains and the beach of my home state of North Carolina.  It has a mixture of my mountain folk funk and “beach music” songs based on my Dad’s shag dancing expertise.

Featuring the MasterPlan, Chris Singleton, Jason Peeler and John Kell with backing vocals by Corrina Cassanova, Adair Cates and Neil Laurence.

Carolina Trees (song)

I guess I better post this song before all the leaves fall off the trees.  This song has an especially jamming instrumental section in the middle and an even better one at the end.  Thanks for listening!

From the album Chris Cates “Carolina Songs”

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Restless Love (song of the day)

Let’s start the week off with a ‘Carolina Song’.   This was my high school hit called “Falling Star” that got rewritten for my Carolina Songs album.  Thanks for listening!

Listen to all of “Carolina Songs” here!

Carolina Trees (song of the day)

It feels like fall outside this morning in Atlanta.  I can’t believe it after the heat we’ve been having.  Although I’m sure by one or two it will be in the mid 90’s again.   But for now, I can breath in and think of fall.

That’s why I decided to post “Carolina Trees”.   To me, since I wrote the original version of this song when I was 17, it has been the ultimate portrait of sitting on top of Table Rock and looking out at the changing leaves below.   This version is from my Carolina Songs album brings the country heat.  Especially once the solos kick in about half way through, then there’s an extended jam at the end with me playing harmonica and guitar harmonies on top of each other.

I may live in Georgia, but my (tree) roots will always be in the NC mountains.

Listen to the whole album here!

Carolina Moon (song of the day)

It’s summer time and it reminds me of those times sitting on the dock (usually tresspassing) at Lake James and staring at the reflection of the moon on the lake.   I actually wrote this song then, although it was called ‘Mississippi Moon’ for years until I came to my senses.    And I wrote it in a dream almost entirely and woke up and wrote it all down.   Seventeen years later it finally makes its debut on my ‘Carolina Songs’ album.  Hear all of ‘Carolina Songs’ here.