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New Avenue. December 12th

We’ve got the first decent snow here today.  About four or five inches so far.  Luckily I made a late night run back from Georgia just before it started getting heavy.  I’m evidently continuing on my ‘change’ theme this week with today’s tune.  I should be singing about how I thankfully won’t be doing any driving today.  Thanks for listening!

Change is Coming. November 19th

Today’s song is appropriate for my life right now.   We are making a lot of changes.  My wife has a new job out of town and I’m also about to start a new job in another town.  What’s more, I’m leaving my beloved North Carolina and moving back to Georgia.  This time to the ATL.  It’s exciting but it’s also daunting.  I love to change though, so I’m looking forward to it.  Thanks for listening!!


September 13th “Things Change”

Ah the “fall” songs are starting to pop out.   Something about Autumn makes me write deliciously melancholy music.  I actually put out a cassette album called “Fall” in November of 1993.  It was drastically inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid” soundtrack.  What a great album that is.

Anyway, today’s song is about being mortal.  It sucks, but that seems to be what we all have in common.  My trip to the chiropractor inspired this along with the diagnosis that I am permanently ruining my back by doing the work I’m currently doing.  I don’t know why, I’ve only lifted around 400,000 pounds in the last two and half years recycling.   Thanks for listening!


March 24 “The Winds will Change”

“The more things change the more they stay the same”, they say.    I don’t know if I agree with that exactly, I’ve changed a lot in my lifetime and even in the past month.   Hopefully I’m changing into someone who makes a lot of birdie putts.

Aside from material stuff like that, I hope I’m changing as a person for the better.  I do realize I’m generally a recluse but I manage to get out and talk to people pretty often.

I guess this was all inspired by “The Tao of Willie Nelson”, the book on CD I’m listening to right now.  He’s got a sage like brand of wisdom that everybody can relate to.   That’s where  “The Winds of Change” came from.