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October 4th “On Charlotte Today”

Last week I had the pleasure of being the musical guest on WCNC – NBC’s “Charlotte Today” morning program.   They were so nice and they were all totally hilarious.  It was great being in such a creative and fun professional environment.  Especially one that’s going out to thousands and thousands of people.    The hosts Colleen Odegaard and Rob Tanner are great, they really know how to have fun.   I tried to capture that in today’s song.  Thanks for listening!

September 30th “Totally Awesome Song”

Every now and then I make a song that is totally undescribable.  I would classify today’s song in that realm.

Adair came home after a football game one night and reminded me of the ‘Awesome’ cheer that cheerleaders do.  Of course she was then employed to face the mic for some totally awesome cheers.  I figured I would keep the words silly and simple to fit with the general silliness of the endeavor.   Also if you’re reading this before eleven in the Charlotte television market, I’ll be singing three ‘365’ songs on ‘Charlotte Today’ on WCNC.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun!  Thanks for listening!

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