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Totally Awesome Kid’s Song


It’s time to release another kid’s song!!  This one is very silly of course and features my whole family.  Adair Cates is singing the chorus and my twin three year olds make a cameo as well.  Chris Singleton is holding down the bass duties as usual and I’m playing everything else.

Adair reminded me of the Awesome cheerleading cheer one day and it became a song.  I was a bit inspired by the old Faith No More song “Be Aggressive” which employs an old cheer as well.

The video will be forthcoming whenever I get around to edit it.   Listen on your preferred streaming method below.

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Thanks for listening!

I Need Children to Feed to my Alien

Today’s song from the ‘Risky Biscuits’ album marks one of the funnest times in my life collaborating with a ton of musicians and friends in Athens.  When this song was recorded, I played guitar for the first time in six months (with help from a physical therapy tool).  I had severely broken my arm on a four wheeler and had to cancel more than 40 gigs.

Anyway this song was recorded live in the studio with a huge band.  Seth Hendershot on drums, Jesse Cole on bass, John Wayne Tuggle on lead guitar (1st solo), Daniel Marler on lead guitar (2nd solo), Gary Hartle on tenor sax, John Kell on alto sax and Mike Elam on trumpet.

Oh did I mention this was done in one take!  Thanks for listening!