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July 13th “Believe Things”

I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences playing music over the years.  It gets a little late and amped up dudes get a little tanked and start telling you anything. Mostly, their supreme connection to a guy they know that hangs with Jay Z’s god-daughter.  I’ve heard it all and it’s all pretty funny.   Sad but funny.

That might be what today’s song is about.   Thanks for listening!


July 12th “I Mean Really”

Back to work on the recycling truck after a few days off.  We had lots of things happening today to make it run not so smoothly.   But it’s really not that big of  a deal.

This song is kind of about that.   Stuff happens but what are you gonna do.   I mean really, what are you gonna do.

July 9th “Don’t Regret the Future”

What a day to be one of those days.   Actually, it’s been a pretty decent day.  I’m at home for the entire weekend which is an extremely rare thing.   I should probably work on my massive back yard fence project but the A/C feels too good today after picking up recycling in the 100 degree heat all week.

Anyway, we’ve been thinking about the future a lot the last few days, so that’s where this song was born.   Thanks for listening!


July 8th “Magic on the Water”

Another tough day in the heat.   I wish it was winter time already (after having a horrible winter).  Anyway, we at least got to drive around Lake James on our new recycling route today.  That was nice.   That’s probably where this song came from.   I sat down when I got home tonight and wrote three different things.  This was the first one that made it to the tape.   Thanks for listening!


July 4th “Freedom to Get Funky”

I guess July 4th is a day that warrants it’s own song.  I don’t feel inclined on all holidays to mark it with a song with my song a day project.   This last year however, I basically listened to every biography of every founding father.  It’s pretty interesting, they signed the declaration of independence in 1776 but it really didn’t kick in for years.  Even when Andrew Jackson came along forty years later, it was a daily struggle to keep it together.   It makes you realize how far we’ve come in just a few hundred years and how fragile it really is.

I’m heading to perform on a boat dock on beautiful Lake Rabun before the fireworks start.  Have a great day!

June 30th “Search Light Shine”

I’m finally back home for a day.  It’s been several weeks since I’ve had a “day off”.   Of course that means my day off is not playing golf at Reem’s Creek, it’s playing catch up recording songs for my 365 songs blog.   I’ve still been writing every day, I just haven’t been able to record for three days.

I did some cool things though, aside from the daily work, I saw Phish in Raleigh which was awesome, then I played a show in Sylva last night at their downtown amphi-theatre.   We played the best we’ve played with the new line up.  It was a blast.

Thanks for listening!


June 28 “Secret Russian Agents”

They rounded up some “Russian spies” living in the U.S. today.   Undoubtedly, their orders were to live normal lives and report back random tidbits about American life.   It makes you wonder, couldn’t they just watch a satellite feed of CNN America in Russia and get the same information?   I’m sure there is a lot more to it than that.   I’m not into intrigue too much living in quasi-rural North Carolina.   And my poker face could use some work, so I’m probably not the best candidate for a job like that anyway.     Although, I will visit Russia one day, judging from the PBS documentaries, it is a beautiful place.  And I’m a huge Dostoevsky fan.   Thanks for listening!

April 26th “Break the Big Rules”

Tonight’s song is one that kind of formed into what it is after a while.  I started with a keyboard part that I didn’t use.  Then I decided to write the song on bass and I ended up recording something completely different than what I initially wrote.    First day in the recycling week, my energy is always a bit askew.

Thanks for listening!