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Linville Caverns

I heard this song on my computer yesterday and realized is probably the best thing I’ve ever done instrumentally.   Check out the spot about halfway through the song when we slow it down and John Kell and I intertwine sax and guitar solos.  I played all the solos with my fingers to give the guitar a different sound.   This song was inspired by our teenage jaunts up 181 to the Linville Caverns.  Those were the days.

Hoping for a Redlight

This song was written in an exciting time in my life when I had just moved to Georgia (the first time). It’s always meant a lot to me because it represents how I was feeling at the time so much. It’s been a great show closer ever since! Thanks for listening!

Memories of the Future

My time in Asheville is coming to an end for now. Tonight is our last night. ATL here we come. I’ve written over 400 songs here in my custom made studio that I built from scratch. Not to mention all the great bands that I recorded over the last five years. Thank you to you all. I’ll miss NC a lot too. It’s been a favorite muse of mine for a long time.

July 31st “No Pay No Play”

We’ve been talking about how the new business model in today’s economy is to wow the consumer with great customer service.  Usually the places that do that well are successful.  It’s part of our DNA to want free stuff and to get as much as we can for nothing or at a huge discount.  I used to really thrive on that kind of thing when I was doing radio and getting a lot of perks.  Nowadays, I actually like to pay for what I get.  Maybe I’ve developed some kind of macho-economic money-mind-freak because of my general non-conformity or maybe it’s because I’ve conformed.  (probably the latter).


July 7th “Love You”

What a brutal day on the old recycling truck.   I made the mistake of not bringing water (opting for Hardee’s lemonade/tea mixture which was only desirable for the first 32 oz.’s).   Needless to say, I was not in optimal condition.   However, we got ‘r done, as we always do.    We start new territory tomorrow, Lake James awaits.   It will be sweet looking at some nice lake scenery while sorting plastic bottles and soup cans.   I’m not averse to jumping in at some point during the route either.   That was my trademark when I was a pool maintenance guy, I always had to jump in to test the product.

On a totally different note, “Love You” is a sweet love song touting the wonders of openness and frankness, two things that every relationship needs an injection of.

Thanks for listening!!

July 2nd “Skankin’ Ain’t Easy”

More and more I listen to early Bob Marley (before the British producers) and I also listen to Toots and the Maytals.    That’s good stuff.   In no way does that give me a reggae pedigree.   I’ve listened to it for 20 years but I know you’ve got to live it to really live it.   I’ve written a fair amount of reggae tunes over the years, probably the best of which is “U Don’t Believe my Traction” my ‘Risky Biscuits’ album.   That still is one of our favorite tunes to play live.

“Skankin’ Ain’t Easy” is a little more laid back however.   The only way skankin’ should be.

Thanks for listening!


July 1st “July Alibi”

I’m officially half way through with my song a day and blog about it project.  Technically, I think the actual day would  be the 3rd of July.   Which, ironically I’ll probably be posting today anyway as I’m catching up from being out of town and unable to record.
“July Alibi” is a funky number about getting things done this month despite the lack of time, excessive heat and occasional fatigue.   I’m always optimistic but sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk or two.

Thanks for listening!


June 24 “Tall Dark and Good for Nothing”

We seem to be getting a lot of requests at our shows for line dancing songs.   Of which, we really haven’t had anything popular to play.  Undoubtedly, that’s something we really need to work on.  You know we love to please our peeps.   Anyway, that’s what prompted me to just write one for us to play.  That’s how “Tall Dark and Good for Nothing” got started.  It’s in that line dance, blues shuffle tradition (a beat I have no experience playing on drums).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!   Have a great day!


June 21 “America’s Favorite Drive”

This is year is the 75th anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway.   75 years ago, Roosevelt built our beautiful scenic highway as part of the New Deal.  It created jobs and paid tribute to the mountains he loved to drive and train through on the way to his medical retreat in Georgia.  He had a facility with hot springs and other non-conventional methods for people who suffered from polio and other maladies.   Anyway, at one point last year, I was in the running be part of the overall anniversary campaign as  a performer or spokesman of some sort.  So I got together with Craig Distl, PR extraordinaire, and co-wrote “America’s Favorite Drive” which tells the story of the parkway and also encourages people to take a drive on it.   This subject is extra special to me because I wrote tons of the songs actually lying on my in the fields beside the parkway when I went to school at App. State and I currently live only about five miles from it.   Although I tend to write in my scenic studio these days.

Anyway again, this song has never been finished, mainly because I didn’t get the gig and didn’t have an outlet to release it.   So, I dug it up today after seeing that they’re kicking in their campaign finally and redid a few things and now it’s out.   I hope you enjoy it while you’re driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway.