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July 24th “You Probably Already Know”

I’ve  had a brief Saturday morning at home for the first time in a while.   Then I’m heading back out to play tonight, out of town of course.   It’s Belle Cher weekend too, I miss it every year unless I’m playing in it or in a bar up here.  Oh well, maybe next year.

“You Probably Know Already” was the first thing that popped out when I sat down to write today.  First thought best thought, they always say.


July 19th “Meteor Shower”

I saw Iron Maiden last night in Chicago.  They are still pretty awesome.   Bruce, Steve and even Dave Murray’s energy is still the same after all these years.  Actually, their stage show is better than ever (thanks to an over enthusiastic Jannik Gers) and their stage set with the ever changing Eddie back drops was pretty cool too.  Derek Riggs is out doing himself.

My brother and I went and we were transported back to 1987 all over again.   I spent a few days in northern Illinois enjoying the cornfield, windmill, soy bean scenery.   It is really beautiful up there.   Today’s song takes me back to long forgotten summers and doesn’t have anything to do with Iron Maiden unfortunately.

July 14th “Love Ain’t Always as Easy as it Should Be”

I haven’t done a true R&B slow jam in a while (or even at all).   This one has random key changes and is about heart break and love.   I used to do songs like this all the time when I was writing for R&B singers down in Georgia.  But you know how it is, the music business ain’t always as easy as it should be.

June 22nd “In Love with Being In Love”

Some people love to be in love.   Sometimes, so much that they do it over and over again unsuccessfully (or otherwise, if that’s what they’re going for).   It’s almost like they’re in love with being in love.  Which is not a bad thing, what feeling is better?    But if you’re going just for that loving feeling (how Righteous) only, heartbreak is probably hiding behind a dreadful conversation somewhere down the line.

I like to look at it from the positive standpoint however.   Be in love with being in love and love loving your loved one and love doing it.


June 15th “See the Way Together”

What a hot sweaty day.   We hit our recycling routes then I had the pleasure of working in the 200 degree box truck for a while unloading glass bottles from restaurants.   They don’t smell quite as rosey during the summer months.   I started to write a song about being busy and working but that seemed to only perupetuate my supposed misery.  It’s not that bad.

Then when I got home to my oasis in Asheville, I started talking to several people that my band is performing at their wedding.  Which led me back to some old tracks I recorded in Athens with Mike Elam and a viola player that I haven’t listened to in years.   Today I added some more music and wrote the lyrics with a bit of a mariachi wedding remix.


June 13th “Riding the Waves with Rasputin”

I just finished an audio book called “Rasputin’s Daughter” that was pretty good.  I’ve always been intrigued with Rasputin and his roll in taking down the Romanov dynasty.   My favorite class in college was ‘Russian Culture through Film’ which featured a great Russian movie about Rasputin.

This song is kind of about the rumors surrounding his family.   His daughter did move to LA and become a Lion tamer and she was mauled by a bear eventually.    Kind of a morbid subject, but I put a little light twist on the chorus.


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June 9th “What Did I Did and then I Did it Again”

What a week!  Hardcore recycling and six gigs packed into four days.  Oh did I mention I’m also playing in a two day golf tournament too.   I guess it’s summertime because I am busy.

Today’s song is a fun one.   I guess I’m starting to rap now.  Look out Eminem. Somehow, I don’t think he’s worried.

June 8th “Looking Out for #1″

I’ve collected all of these random 70’s self-help and psychology books much to Adair’s annoyment (that’s not a real word).  They’re all over the basement and in obscure sections of my studio.   On my piano for instance, someone has lined them up like a bookshelf.  I’m all for alternative placement of objects so I’ve left them there (even while recording).   And as I’ve anticipated, they’ve been a great source for song material.  That’s where today’s song comes from, I sat down at the piano and wrote this (pen to paper) while looking at the titles of the random books on the piano.  Obviously the book “Looking Out for Number One” by Robert Ringer was in the mix.   The song’s actually pretty good.